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Why Semen Bank

The importance of dairy enterprise in our national economy can be gauged from the fact that the value of total output of milk category is highest among all the agricultural commodities, accounting for nearly one fourth of the value of total output from agricultural output. Dairying is one of the most important means of providing livelihood and nutritional security to the masses.
The country’s estimated demand of milk is likely to reach about 155 million tonnes by 2016-17 and around 200 million tonnes in 2021-22. To meet this growing demand, there is a need to increase the annual milk production from 4 million tonnes to 7.8 million tonnes in the next 8 years.
The only way to catch up with this ever increasing demand of milk from both domestic and international market is “Herd Improvement” which means improving the health and productivity of the existing bovine.
To improve the bovine quality, it is mandatory to breed the existing female herd with highest quality disease free bulls selected for their superior genetic traits. But for a dairyman, it is uneconomical, impractical and impossible to search, purchase and maintain a new herd sire every two years to avoid inbreeding. This problem can be efficiently solved by Artificial Insemination (AI) which enables availability of elite male genetic semen at farmer’s doorstep in time.
AI has become a backbone for all the progeny improvement programmes throughout the world because of its very effective technique in improving the genetic potential of animals for higher productivity. Inspite of this, it is heart breaking to know that only 25% of bovine is under AI coverage. The farmers are still not confident and are not aware about the fabulous benefits of AI practice.
The two foremost reasons of limited reach of AI coverage are:
  1. Illiteracy or lack of awareness
  2. There are many inexperienced inseminators who don’t have the appropriate knowledge about frozen semen or proper training to inseminate, resulting into usage of poor quality of semen which has not passed standardised laboratory tests certified under government protocols.
So, our immediate aim is to expand the AI coverage through well trained inseminators.
The most important aspect is to ensure the availability of disease free semen of genetically pure bulls to farmer’s community.
Product :- Frozen Semen
AI is the worldwide proven best tool for genetic improvement through dissemination of superior germ plasm, and to get assured improved progeny, it is mandatory to use the frozen semen which conforms to all the quality standards and is stored in proper hygienic conditions. 
Keeping all these aspects at priority, we at Hisar Bovine are following strict standard protocols for selection and procurement of bulls. 
Our bulls are tested disease free by the recognised labs such as RDDL. We make sure that our elite bulls get the best treatment in order to be happy and healthy bovine which is essential for harvesting quality semen from them. To achieve this, we have built well facilitated sheds which have spacious individual pens providing each bull with adequate and personal loafing area, and access to food and water all the time.
There is a collection yard where bulls are made to mount on dummy bull and their semen is collected. After the semen collection, the semen goes through many processes and tests in our highly modernised scientific laboratory. The work platforms, equipments are cleaned regularly according to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). After the semen is processed in our laboratory, these semen doses are kept in quarantine for 30 days before their use in the field. 
After the quarantine period, these doses are sent to semen dispatch section where details of semen supplied to various agencies including post-thaw motility are recorded.  


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