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Our Message

Nowadays, traditional agriculture has proven to be a loss making venture for the Indian farmers. There are many reasons behind this such as uncertainty of rain, unpredictable weather and expensive inputs. This has a huge impact on the lives of farmers and dairymen as well as on the Indian economy. 
Hisar Bovine Sperm Station & Research Center serves the  farmer community by providing technical advise in procuring pure high genetic blood line for all  indigenous cattle breeds i.e. Murrah Buffalo/Heifers, Sahiwal Cows/Heifers and Tharparkar Cows/Heifers. We are supported by a team of qualified veterinarians at the field level.Our team has identified serious and dedicated breeders.Our constant communication with these breeders help us to stay updated with animal strength available for sale . Our technical team and Field workers together enable us to identify  genetically approved animals. On request we provide required testing reports for the purchased animals from recognized testing laboratories of Govt. of India. We are committed to provide our expertise and guidance to our farmer community all over the world.
The solution to this problem is mixed farming. The key is livestock sub-sector which has emerged as a significant component of agriculture in developing countries in recent years. The Indian livestock system is the endeavour of small farm holders. As a result of gradual transition from subsistence to market system, the economic dimensions of livestock keeping have assumed great significance in household behaviour. Over 70 percent of the rural households in India depend on livestock farming for supplementary income. 
 किसान की दशा बदलने के लिए किसानी की दिशा बदलना जरुरी
In view of its complimentary character with agriculture, and its sustainability as a household enterprise along with the active involvement of women, mixed farming is emerging as a very popular supplementary avocation. However, due to unawareness and limited access to standardised semen banks, the dairy farmers depend on unexperienced local inseminators to breed their livestock. 
To produce high quality calves, the genetic improvement of dairy animals is of utmost importance which depends on animal breeding technologies. In most of the developing countries including India, the animal breeding technology is neither advanced nor widely adopted by the farmers because of lack of awareness, considerable low level of education and geographical variation in environments, fragmented farming mostly at a subsistence level, substantial livestock, genetic diversity and many other problems directly and indirectly associated with the genetic improvement of animals. As a result, in spite of some useful genetic resources available in the country, the productivity of dairy animal in general is very low in India in comparison to the dairy animals of developed countries. Thus, the reasoning for genetic improvement of dairy cattle and buffaloes would be critically differentiated in organised farms and fields conditions in our country. 
Therefore, quality bull semen is a much needed asset in India at present as this is the best tool through which better bovine generations can be produced. According to a report of NDRI, karnal in 2012 almost 69% of total breedable cattle remained unbred due to unavailability of semen. 
By acknowledging the seriousness of the issue, we have established a quality bovine sperm station in the name HISAR BOVINE SPERM STATION AND RESEARCH CENTER to serve the dairymen and the farmers of India. We will try to provide quality semen of both the cattle species (buffalo bull & cow bull) to enable the dairy farmers to breed their cattle to produce best bovine generations. In this way, we hope that we will be able to change the lifestyle of our farmers.


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