Awarded Grade 'A' by
CMU Team, Govt. of India
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Hisar Bovine Sperm Station & Research Center is a recently developed state-of- the-art bovine semen production bank and research centre in Hisar (Haryana), which is considered to be the heart of agricultural, breeding, dairying and farming activities in India. We are proud to announce that we are awarded Grade 'A' by CMU Team, Govt. of India.

The centre is spread across six acres of land with a highly sophisticated laboratory and bull-shed and an external quarantine facility for rearing and treating the bulls needing any medical attention. It is fully equipped with latest technology and strictly adheres to the MSPs laid down. This centre has 75 genetically elite, pure and disease-free bulls (Murrah, HF, Sahiwal, Tharparkar) for now. Each and every bull has official records and is procured by our experts only after being thoroughly tested as disease-free by the testing agencies, records of which are available in 'Bull Test Report' tab. Official history records of all bulls are present in 'Sire Directory' tab.

The central idea of the centre is to provide the bovine breeders with an unadulterated bovine frozen semen for artificial insemination (AI) from elite pure bulls to produce high-yielding calves. The vision and desire is to revolutionize this domain by launching a brand of bovine semen that will produce enhanced quality of fertile and disease-free bovine breeds which in-turn will produce high quality of dairy products, eventually creating a healthier society and helping in the development of a country which is heavily dependent on its dairy consumption.

Hisar Bovine Sperm Station & Research Center serves the farmer community by providing technical advise in procuring pure high genetic blood line for all indigenous cattle breeds i.e. Murrah Buffalo/Heifers, Sahiwal Cows/Heifers and Tharparkar Cows/Heifers. We are supported by a team of qualified veterinarians at the field level.Our team has identified serious and dedicated breeders.Our constant communication with these breeders help us to stay updated with animal strength available for sale . Our technical team and Field workers together enable us to identify genetically approved animals. On request we provide required testing reports for the purchased animals from recognized testing laboratories of Govt. of India. We are committed to provide our expertise and guidance to our farmer community all over the world .
==================== OUR TOP BREED ====================

Murrah Bull

Murrah is a breed of domestic water buffalo kept for dairy production. The breeding home tract of Murrah breed stretches around the southern parts of Haryana comprising the districts of Hisar, Rohtak and Jind, and the Nabha and Patiala districts of Punjab state. It has been used to improve the milk production of dairy buffalo in India and other countries.

Holstein Friesian

Holstein Friesian is a breed of dairy cattle originating from the Dutch provinces of North Holland and Friesland. They are known as the world's highest-production dairy animals. In modern usage, "Holstein" is used to describe North or South American stock and its use in Europe, particularly in the North. "Friesian" denotes animals of a traditional European ancestry, bred for both dairy and beef use. Crosses between the two are described by the term 'Holstein-Friesian'.


Sahiwal is a breed of Zebu cattle which primarily is used in dairy production. They produce the most milk of all zebu breeds. The Sahiwal originated in the dry Punjab region which lies along the Indian-Pakistani border and is one of the best dairy breeds in India and Pakistan. Due to their heat tolerance and high milk production they have been exported to other Asian countries as well as Africa and the Caribbean.


Tharparkar is a highly milk productive cow breed originating in Tharparkar District in Sindh province of Pakistan. The name is derived from Thar Desert area which was its usual habitat and place of origin. It is a dual purpose breed known for both its milking and draught potential.

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